Small & grand Circle

We will follow by the red line for small circle, leave from hotel we start to see seven wonderof the world heritage Angkor Wat with Hindu history base – relief, and next experience with Mahayana Buddhist temple at Angkor Thom with great four faces of smile.After that we will found the Ta Prohm temple that movie as tomb raider by Angelina Jolie   and next to very small
and nice pink color of Kravan temple.
For grand circuit we trace by blue line and on this road mostly we experience with Buddhist temple as Preah Khen and Neak Pean and straight to Ta Som that style very like to Ta Prohm, and at the end we will explore to difference experience Hindu temple in 10 centuries with brick and sand stones as East Mebon and Pre Rup that all noted as the good place to view for sunset no much crew.


Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Wake up early morning @ 5.00 am and leave from hotel jump up to transportation (Tuk Tuk / Car) straight to sightseeing sunrise at Angkor Wat, it will thousand of tourist @ northern pond of causeway to temple, or some of tourist they stay at the moat in front of temple shooting their camera to the sun flow up behind three towers.
After sunrise will explore to temple’s galleries for Hindu history on bas-reliefs and then found to central five peaks and climb up by wooden eat ladder to top to view around. And get move back to see  your driver for next destination.

Oxen Cart

A day trip to countryside, leave from hotel by (Tuk Tuk/ Car) it takes about 4/5 hours and then swap to oxen cart to view around villages’ activity. You know will some kid friendly say hello, and you will experience with really Khmer countryside daily activity as farming or grow vegetable. You will try some fruit @ local market. Finished trip move back to city by (Tuk Tuk/ Car)
Country site experienceIMG_0011

Haft day trip to Tonle Sap Lake

Haft day trip (morning/afternoon) 45 minutes from hotel by long the way beside of the river to  fresh water at the Lake. You will embarking to rows multicolored long-tail boat destine to floating village and also schools, crocodile farm, restaurants, church, market. And next swap to rowboat to enjoy in flooded forest that’s truly a scenic wildness.


Water fall

A day trip  Leave from hotel straight to northern of Siem Reap it about 50 Km to water fall and pack the transportation. Next you walk 1500 m up to the hill through jungle and you will hear the sound of birds Jib Jab, and close to it you will feel sound of water fall, after that will found river with thousand ligas covered by water, and Hindu sculpture with water flow beside of it, you just walk follow stream you explore to water fall, feel relax few hours and return back to driver for Banteay Srei temple on the way back to Siem Reap city.
index 3images4

Other water fall Mount Kulen 

Sightseeing day trip to Kulen mountain it means to explore to  first city of Khmer empire build by King Jayavarman II, your driver will drive you up by track road to hill more then an hour, explore to natural water fall, that you swap your close swim and play around by Chap Chap (take photo). 1/2 hours swimming and track to very big Buddha statue and experience with fortune tell about your life. after your enjoy water fall meet your driver turn down back to hotel.

IMG_0860 IMG_0859


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